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Longvue Acri Ross Township Property Management

About Ross Township

Ross Township, home of the world-famous Big Mac McDonald's Hamburger Invention, is the shining shopping and dining mecca of the Greater Pittsburgh Area.  Ross Township is more food and shopping, with early roots steeped in deeply in American history. On June 26, 1809, John McKnight, along with 30 other residents of Pine Township petitioned the courts of Allegheny for the formation of a new township. Permission was granted during the November term and Ross Township was born. This 13-mile plot of land was named after prominent Pittsburgh Attorney James Ross who was the personal Attorney to George Washington. The well-traveled  Perry Highway also has a large historical footprint in the formation of our country. Native Seneca Indians traveled the Venango Trail what was then later renamed Franklin Park Road. Today that trail is now called Perry HIghway because it was the route Commodore Perry took in 1812 for the battle of Lake Erie.

Ross Township population of 31,000, is home to over ten community parks and is a short distance to North Park, Take a recreational adventure, enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, hit the batting cages, or enjoy a game of tennis or pickleball. Anything you could think of, find it near Longvue HOA.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Longue HOA is an excellent choice.

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Longvue Acri Ross Township Property Management

Enjoy suburban living in a contemporary residential townhome situated on beautiful tree-lined streets.

  • Pet-Friendly
  • Close to Parks and Walking Trails
  • Close to Shopping Malls
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